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RV Glass Replacement 8700 & 7900 Torque Vent Pane

All glass, including any type of safety glass, carries some potential of danger in handling. For safety reasons always use protective eyewear and gloves, in a well lit area when working with glass.

Removing the RV Ventilating Pane:

Crank the RV window fully open to give yourself working room. The vent assembly is secured to the triangle shaped cast metal pivot brackets by two screws on each side. Using a suitable Phillips head screwdriver, remove these screws and free the vent assembly. 

Disassembling the RV Vent:

Working on a flat surface, remove the four screws holding the vent together at the corners. Working from a corner, carefully work the aluminum frame off the vinyl U-channel which surrounds the glass. These are lightweight pieces and are bent easily. Be careful when removing them.  Peel the vinyl U-channel of the edge of the glass.

Assembling the RV Vent with New Glass:

Reverse that process above. If the aluminum frame pieces do not push on with reasonable force, check to assure that the replacement glass is not thicker than that previously used. If they are otherwise OK, try placing a small board on the backside of the aluminum and gently tapping it onto the glass with a small mallet. Once the aluminum frame pieces are on the glass and square, replace the four frame screws. Replace the vent assembly between the triangular pivot brackets on the RV window a screw it onto the same screw holes. The top hole must always be used. Any of the lower holes may be used. The lowest hole gives the tightest seal. After reassemble, we recommend re-caulking all areas on the assembly which had been caulked previously, since disassembly has broken the caulk seal.

Replacing the RV Stationary Vent:

Carefully pry out the vinyl glazing bead by separating it from the frame with a putty knife. Once and end is loose, it can be pulled out. Remove remaining pieces the same way. If the glass is intact, carefully pry it loose from it's bedding. If the bedding is hard, it can be softened using an electric hair dryer. If there are glass spacer between the glass edge and the frame, set them aside for re-use. After the glass is out, clean the glazing ledge of the frame, so that the new glass will adhere evenly.

Installing the New RV Glass:

Lay down an even bead of bedding on the glazing ledge. There are many suitable, non-hardening bedding available from home center stores. Do not use to thick of a bead. It will have to compress in order to re-install the glazing vinyl. Place the new glass into the prepared space, pressing down evenly on the glass edge. If space permits, slip your glass spacers in between the glass edge and the frame metal, across the bottom and up the sides of the pane.

Installing the RV Vinyl Glazing Bead:

This process will be easier if the bead is warn and moist. Soaking it in hot soapy water will work for this. Fit the bead snugly into the corner between the glass and frame. Roll and push the bead backward into the groove so that it does not stretch. A round end plastic handle, such as on a screwdriver, can help to force the bead into place.  Apply all pieces the same way. Check to see that they are properly seated and clean up.


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