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RV Window Replacement - Rescreen W/Hanging Track S

RV Screen Removal:

Open the RV or Motor Home window and screen fully.  With a lifting motion, raise the screen frame until it clears the bottom screen support clips.  On shorter height window, it may be necessary to bow the screen sides slightly.  Be careful, do not bend the  screen frame so much that it takes a permanent "set".  Working with the screen frame on a flat surface, loosen the screen spline at a corner using long nose pliers.  When the spline has been loosened, it can be pulled out intact.  Be careful not to damage or sever it.  The damaged screen mesh will then pull out easily.

RV New Screen Installation:

There is a tendency to spline screen in too tight, causing the sides to bow inward.  Two ways to avoid this are:  Order a compete new screen assembly, or Block the inside edges of the frame with flat wood or metal strips nailed to the workable surface, so that the screen frame sides remain parallel.  Cut a piece of screen mesh about two inches large than the maximum screened area.  Center it over the area to be screened.  Using the old spline and a narrow wheel screen roller, spline the screen into the screen frame.  Keep adequate tension on the screen mesh as you go,  but make sure not to cut the mesh with the roller.  After the straight section is in, start working around the remainder of the frame.  Do not stretch the spline.  If the screen begins to bunch or distort, you can pull the spline out and start over, as long as you have not damaged the mesh.  If possible, keep the screen mesh square in the frame.  That is, do not let the weave of the mesh angle up on a side.  After you are finished, check that the tension on the screen mesh is satisfactory.  Replace the screen frame onto the window by reversing the procedure above.


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