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8700/7900 Series RV Storm Window Replacement

Replacing the RV Storm Sash Glass in the Square Portion of the Storm Sash:

Before dissembling the storm sash, measure the overall height and width of the glass to determine the correct replacement size.  Replacement glass must be the same type as the broken glass.  For instance, if the original glass was safety glass the replacement must also be safety glass.  To remove the frame pieces from the glass, remove corner screws if any.  Then place a block of wood against the inner side of the frame and tap against it.  Start at one end and work back and forth across the part until it comes off the glass.

Reassembling of the Frame:

Replace the "U" channel glazing bead on the new glass.  Use a block of wood and hammer when tapping the parts into place.

Removal of the Exit Frame:

It is not necessary to remove the exit frame to re-glaze the broken glass.  However, it might be easier to re-glaze the window if the frame is removed.  Unlatch the exit.  Remove the hinge top screw.  Hold open and slide out the end of the upper half of the hinge.

Installation of New Exit Glass:

Remove the exit frame as described above.  The exit glass is 1/8" less that the height and width of the exit opening from glass ledge to glass ledge.  After the broken glass has been removed.  Remove the back setting tape and replace with new glass setting tape 1/16" thick and 1/4" wide or by a non-hardening glazing putty applied 1/16" thick.  Replacement glass must be safety glass if the broken glass is safety glass.  A glass pattern can be made of cardboard for the glass supplier.  The radius of the round corner is 2 3/16".  After the glass has been centered in it frame, start rolling and pressing the vinyl glazing bead in place.  Work from the corners toward the centers on each side.

Note:  Hehr part # must be provided to ensure the correct storm window is ordered.


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